Custom Workshops

Exon-Intron has offered laboratory-intensive on-the-road workshop training programs since 1987. These workshops have taken us to nearly every part of the United States and overseas as well. Our “typical client” is not at all “typical”. We provide educational programs to industry, government agencies, medical schools, small and large colleges and universities, high school faculty and their students, and to public interest groups. Our teaching philosophy is “learn by immersion”. This philosophy is manifested in the workshops which we conduct, each of which is a rigorous exploration of the subtleties of a particular aspect of biotechnology.

Attention: Sales and Marketing, R & D, and Tech Services Departments

We can train you! Need to be introduced to the latest developments in molecular biology? Need a basic understanding of molecular biology? Exon-Intron can prepare a specialized program consisting of lecture only, or lecture and lab, for as little as a few hours or as long as a week. These programs can be conducted at your location or at our location in York, Pennsylvania. Our staff has extensive experience presenting these programs at all levels of sophistication. What are you waiting for??!? Call 717-428-0270 or send us an email message to learn more.


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