New Gene Discovery

The ready availability of DNA sequence information coupled to user-friendly databases has led to the creation of innovative tools and techniques for the study of eukaryotic gene expression. This workshop provides a hands-on introduction to several of these methods in a setting which allows anyone with a little molecular biology experience and a sense of adventure to learn the dynamics of new gene discovery. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) available.

Topics Include

         How can I find and compare new transcripts on a budget?

         RNA isolation and cDNA synthesis strategies to fit every pocketbook.

         Suppression PCR: Identification of rare transcripts from limited amounts of tissue and cells.

         cDNA array analysis and probe development in a small lab operation.

         Genomics and microchip array technology for big leaguers.

         Restriction Fragment Differential Display (RFDD)

         Computer-based gene searches - Have a Blast!


Dates / Locations / Tuition

This workshop will be conducted on-site only (at your location) in 2010. Please contact us for details.



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